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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matariki me To Matou Tainuitanga

Exploring Waikato Museum was a new and exciting experience for our tamariki. We learnt about Matariki, her sisters, her parents Tangotango and Wainui, and how nga atua Maori put Matariki in the skies. Learning who Tangotango and Wainui were, was something special because we didn't know about them.
Nathan, our education guide, took us through our Tainui display, 'Nga Pou Whenua'. There are four pou (posts) that mark where the boundaries of Tainui waka are.   There are some precious taonga in the Museum.  Some of them are in glass cases so that they can't be ruined or broken.  Our Tainuitanga is very important to us because we need to know where we came from and who we are.  It is part of our identity as Maori.  
Our parents who came with us, had a great day at the Museum too.  Thanks heaps Nathan and Waikato Museum for teaching us about Matariki and Tainui.


  1. He uri no Tainui wakaJune 30, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    Kia ora Tamariki Tuaakana o Tahaaroa
    Matariki has just about gone for another year so it's always great to have a new year's celebration in the middle of winter. I like your tagxedo wordle. It teaches those of us who don't know much about Matariki. I'm glad you were able to learn more about these stars and their parents. When Nga Pou Whenua opened at the Museum I went along to the powhiri. It was amazing to learn about our Tainuitanga. A great learning tamariki no Tahaaroa.

  2. Love the glogster poster guys! Awesome ICT work happening in the classroom.

  3. Just wanted to thank you on your lovely comment on our class page for Hayze and Mackenzie, they loved getting the feedback and we shared it with their parents, really powerful!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  4. Hey, thanks for commenting on our class blog. We haven't done so many exciting things as you have but we liked looking at your blog.

    That trip sounds awesome. Did it take you a long time to get to Hamilton from your school? We haven't been to the Waikato Museum yet but Miss Matene said that maybe next year that we could go. Which part of the Museum did your class like the most?