Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday we went to the pools and I practiced my laps I did free style, back stroke and breast stroke. I enjoyed my day at the pools .

Learning to Swim is Important

During my swimming lessons I had make sure to put my ear onto my shoulder so I could breathe every time I did a freestyle stroke. Making sure you kick properly is also important otherwise your arms can get very tired trying to pull your body through the water. I know that learning to swim is important so that if I am at the beach I can swim to save myself. After our lessons we ate at McDonald's. I played with Ata, and went to the $2 shop. I brought a pair of blue glasses. They looked really cool too.
Hello every one today I get to stay on the computers for a long time with some of my class mates. Some of us got to go on the laptops. Some kids like to play games, some kids like to watch movies or watch programs like 'One girl in my class. Some of us got to go on the computers early in the morning and the rest got to go on the laptops early in the morning.Thank you for reading my korero.

Tahaaroa Celebrates 100 Years This Year

The school centennial is on April 23 - 25, 2011.It has been 100 years since the Tahaaroa Native school first opened. We are celebrating the 1oo years with the whanau of Te Kura o Tahaaroa.

McDonald's McMuffins - yuck or yum??

Yesterday when we went to town with our school for swimming. We all got sick when we stopped at McDonald's. We had breakfast there. I had a bacon and egg McMuffin. It was yuck! Whaea Gina offered me a roll and it had cheese and chicken with plum sauce. That tasted a lot better. Later when we got to the pools, Whaea told us what to do first. We used the flutter boards. We had to put our ears on our arms so that we could make the most of being buoyant on and through the water.

Fingers Crossed!

This year we might be going to Rarotonga on our annual school trip. Mean as! We can't wait. We know it will cost us heaps but oh well we can fundraise. We're also having our schools' centennial celebrations during Easter weekend. Our school was first opened in 1911 so that makes us the BIG 100. We'll be blowing out candles on our birthday.

My Swimming's Getting Better - Centennial

Hey everyone how are you all doing? We've just been to the pools in Te Awamutu for swimming practice. We are waiting for our pool to be upgraded. It's a big job. We are all getting better with our swimming. Next Tuesday we're going again. That's the same day as our sleep-over before Aunty Yvonne leaves to go on her year's study leave. On April 24th-25th of this year we're celebrating a 100 years of education in our school. We're looking forward to meeting up with all the past pupils of Tahaaroa. It will be fun to catch up with some of my old classmates.