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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're Special Duffy Readers

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kawhia sports day

Thursday the 2nd of September our school traveled to Kawhia school for a sports day of touch and netball. We lost the final of touch but we held our heads high and pulled through. I guess it shows the other team had the passion for the game. The weather was awful but we survived and ended up having a good time after all.

rugby league

As we walked down to the field Lloyd, Steven, matua Hutana, Thomas, and whaea Lilly came to show us the skills of rugby league it was so much fun, I wanted to do it again but sadly it was over in thirty minutes we then played ripper rugby and we cheered as tries were scored.

Na Mckindlay
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learning to play league

On Tuesday Hutana taught us some league skills like passing and kicking. We were doing alot of things yesterday. After we had finished we played a game of ripper rugby. It was an exciting game. However, it was dumb too because we did not get to play rugby league. Na Te Aoturoa

The extra-ordinary Duffy show

Watching the three Duffy actors as they sang and danced to their songs was amazing, because it was entertaining and funny. My favourite actor was Tonks, she was the only female in the group. My overall comment about the Duffy show 'it was a great experience and I was amazed'.

Rugby League

On Tuesday a group of people came to teach us some skills.First we were put into a group.My group walked to the passing section we were taught how to hold and pass the ball.We moved on to the warm-up section. We had a comp to see who was the fastest. Moana, Caleb and Sara won.Next we moved on to the last section it was kicking. When we got there we were split into two teams.I liked it best because we had a competition to see which group could kick the ball through the goal ten times.

A Game Against Kawhia

Team Taharoa raised from the seats to go and play against Kawhia Cougars.At first we thought they were going to be hard but as we were playing we caught up to them. It was like wow we were awesome.The score was magnificient 17-22 to Kawhia.We had the most fun against them because it was sunny then it started to pour down with these huge rain drops.

Na Finnlee

Kawhia Schools Duffy Theatre

At Kawhia school we watched some people do amazing and funny things. They even pretended to open my head and swap my brain with a chicken it was funny as. There was even a teenager named Duffy who loved to read, this performance has really inspired me to read.

Kawhia's Sports Day

At Kawhia school they put on a sports day that other schools attended it was a fun day, the boys played rugby and the girls played netball. I was playing rugby but i always had to go sub. Our team played hard we won a few games and had fun

Ki o rahi

On Tuesday whaea Renee and whaea Rozel came to show us how to play Ki-o-rahi.We all started with going through the rules of playing Ki-o-rahi. When I had the ball I scored a goal. It was the best part of the game.

ki -o -rahi

we experienced a traditional Maori game Ki - o- rahi. There is a whakapapa that explains how the game was created. The patupaiarehu people had kidnapped Ti Ara Rahi's wife. he was determined to find Ti Ara the patupaiarehi had heard of his presents so they had sent a taniwha to stop him.

Na mckindlay

Ki-o-Rahi is a fun game to play

On Tuesday Whaea Renee and Whaea Rozel came to show us how to play Ki-o-Rahi. We all started to go through the rules about Ki-o-Rahi. Ki-o-Rahi's rules included no pushing, no pulling and no covering your tag's.Wiremu had scored us a try.