Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Look! There's A Huhu Beetle

Once upon a time there was a little huhu beetle. He climbed up a big tall pine tree. Up at the very top of the pine tree the little huhu found a hole in the tree trunk and went inside. It was slippery inside the hole. The little huhu slid down, down, down. He couldn't stop sliding. BANG! CRASH! Suddenly he hit the bottom of the tree trunk. He hurt his nono. The little huhu found his way out at the bottom of the trunk and slid home with his sore nono. The little huhu's mum said "You naughty huhu. You could have died." The little huhu decided never again to go climbing up tall pine trees ever again.

Huhu Grub In My Kitchen

Once upon a time there was a huhu grub who could fly. He was flying around outside my house. He then went through the kitchen window and into the cupboard. He saw some chippies. "Yummy." he said. The huhu grub ate five chippies. He flew around the house again to try and find a new home. There was a small hole by the door. He flew through it and escaped outside.