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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Sports Day Ever Learning KI-o-Rahi

Learning Ki-o-Rahi with Renee was wonderful and fun. First they told us about the whakapapa of Ki-o-Rahi about Te Ara and Rahi getting separated. The boundaries are Te Ao,Te Roto,Pawero,Te wairua and Tupu. The main idea is that you have to work as a team or you will lose but have fun.

1.9.2010 Rugby League training day

Training with Rugby League players was cool because they taught us how to punt,grubber,dropkick and pass in arow. But the main idea was that they came to our school just to teach us what Rugby League was really about, and it was about team membership and having fun.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Ski Trip Done and Dusted!

Whakapapa - Ruapehu - Taupo - Turangi - what a trip! Snow, rain, sun, snow,and more rain... Rain definitely wasn't going to put us off having three days of fun in the snow. A day of fishing for shrimps in slight showers wasn't going to have us sitting in cars and vans whiling away our time... Cruising up the Mighty Waikato river, and powering up close to the surging Huka Falls whilst chanting a haka in cloudy weather, also wasn't going to dampen our spirits.... Splashing about in tepid thermal waters at the AC Thermal pools for the rest of the afternoon also wasn't going to send us packing... No, we were here for the duration - 3-days of fun, sun, and snow, skiing and snowboarding!
Each day rising early at Turangi Cabins, having a hearty hot breakfast, and waiting patiently for the ski reports had us tapping fingers and toes until almost 8.30am. Given the green light, we're climbing into cars and trekking towards Turoa ski-fields.
Hassles with ski gear and we're biting at the bit even more... Hold us back? No way! We're off... Happy Valley for a Discovery ski lesson (if you're a tamaiti nohinohi), or up to Rock Gardens and beyond (if your matatau). Rain, snow, sleat, more snow, more rain - who cares now? A bite to eat and water to replenish thirst is all that's needed to see us through the day. Chair lifts constantly going up and down - all worthwhile waiting in the long queue if it means days in the snow...
Sadly Friday's arrived and it's nearing ski-field closing time.... the dreaded first aid stretcher is coming up the hill with an unlucky casualty. Sadly it's one of our littles. He's going home with war wounds after three great days of .... yes, you've got it.... fun, skiing, snowboarding and did I forget to mention, fun...
Look out for us next year Turoa ski staff - we're coming back for more of the same!
Na Nga Tamariki Kaumaatua - Seniors

A Laughing Aitua

Arriving Maunga Ruapehu surrounded with kohu and huka. Our school wanted to have a time enjoying the laughs when people fell off. I was having the 'taima pai of my happy life' until something 'waho i te kikorangi' happened to two of my whanau. One aitua happened to Pedro with his leg, and the other to a tama named Brandon who hurt his head on a kohatu.
What does 'waho i te kikorangi' mean to you?

Na Jayden

Aunty's Tangi

All my whanau came to my Aunty Ma's tangi. I feel so sad now. Aunty died of cancer. My tuahine is taking it quite hard, as are Aunty Ma's children. There were plenty of kaihana there. I think they all missed me because each one gave me a big hug. On the burial day we all said our farewells to Aunty Ma. After returning from the urupa, we all sat down for the kai hakari before leaving to drive home to Tahaaroa.

Huka Falls

Arriving at the Huka Falls Pamu Kouraura. I was truly excited. Our tour guide lead us around the pamu. It's amazing how gigantic they can grow to. Finally fishing time came. Fishing rod at my side I sat down on the kohatu and waited patiently. Finally a catch. Everyone was happy when someone began catching kouraura because that meant that they were running hot. Let's hope we can do that again next year.
So what's a kouraura, or a kohatu?
Na Tiegan

Pamu Kouraura

Our school travelled to the Pamu Kouraura to hopu some Kouraura.Our hautu said to get into a group of three.With our matira and mouna we began fishing for our kouraura.I started laughing because our matira were made of bamboo and the matau was really tiny.I didnt hopu any any but Whaea Kitty caught three.

Shawn the Kouraura

The famous Huka Falls Pamu Kouraura is powered by the wai-wera geothermal power station ki te taha o te awa. Kouraura need wai-wera to keep the ika alive and healthy. The pepi kouraura live in kura-puri until they are bigger than a koropu.
Make a comment on my kupu hou.
Na Kalani

Kouraura Kouraura

At the kouraura pamu in Taupo there were plenty of kouraura in tanks.  Puna wai-wera contained kouraura that you could hopu. Turuhi were also hopu kouraura. We used matire with a line and a matao with a bit of mounu. We did not hopu many kouraura. However Whaea Kitty caught 3 large ones that we didnt get to eat.
Try translating my words I've got underlined.  Send a message back to me if you want to know what those words mean.
Na Te Aoturoa

The Sick One

Last Wednesday I was sick so I missed the ski trip. By Thursday morning we had to take my dad to Hamilton so he could work on his course. My dad has now passed his course and his boss has given him his qualifications. Afterwards mum and I headed to Aunty Hine's flat for a visit. Minutes later we decided to stay the night at Aunty Trena's because we had left our gears at her house earlier.
Na Tarewa

Fishing For Prawns

6am Wednesday 18 August: Te Kura o Tahaaroa drove to Taupo to the Huka Falls Pamu Kouraura. A tama lead us around the pamu. He showed us the different types of prawns, also known as shrimps. He shared information about their growth and feeding. Everyone was given their matire and mounu before my crew and I head off to fish in the prawn ponds. We didn't catch anything fore a long while. After almost 25 minutes Marcell shouted excitedly, "Ahaa!"
She had finally caught a prawn on her line. Auntie Shani took it off for us because they look scary with their nippers, before we could fish some more.
If you want help with my kupu hou, drop me a comment and I'll fill you in on the kupu Maori.
Na Hinekura

Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's Read All About It... Des Hunt

Learning about our amazing NZ authors is always exciting. The stories we read give us an insight into the lives our chosen authors have lived. Picked up the author Des Hunt lately? A cool story written by Des Hunt - 'The Crocodile Nest' is a definite read if you want action-packed adventure reading.
Na Whaea Fire

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Wicky Wacky Author

My author is Tony Williams. He is a author,film maker and entertainer. He lives in a farm cottage just out of hastings. He likes to play sport and read books about famous people and film making. Tony Williams likes to experience new things. He also likes to visit schools for the Duffy foundation and handout books to worthy children who like to read. NA Te Aoturoa