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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Sad Two Weeks

Sadly our school has had two tangi that have affected the tamariki at our school.  We had Koro Trevor's tangi just over a week ago, and now Koro Dick has also passed away.  We are really sad for Aunty Yvonne, Te Ao and Nga, and also for Aunty Kimi, Aunty Mona, Jayden and Awatea. It has been a really sad time for all of us.  Today was meant to be a good day for us to go to cross-country at Piripiri School and have fun playing in the mud.  But because of the tangi there are lots of kids who can't be there.  Hopefully that will be the end of the tangi for all our kaumaatua.  Fingers crossed.  Tomorrow we join all our whanau at Maketu Marae in Kawhia to farewell Koro Dick. Moe mai Koro Dick, Koro Trevor, and Koro Bill at Marokopa Marae.

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  1. Such a sad time for the Whanau from your school. Thank you for your comment on our class page about the Cook Islands and counting. Our Deputy Principal left our school last year and is now a Principal in the Cook Islands, they have started a blog which is at this address:
    If you visit it and leave them a comment then they might be able to help you and who knows you might be able to visit them if you get to the Cook Islands next year!