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Monday, May 30, 2011

Taku Hokinga ki Tahaaroa

I tetehi ra, i hoki ahau ki Tahaaroa ki te whakauru ki te kura o Tahaaroa. He pai te kura nei. Ia ra ka taakaro kemu whutupaoro, te tenehi me te hoki. I takaro ahau hoki ki runga i te papa takaro. Kei roto i te akomanga, i mahi matou i te Pangarau, te tuhituhi, me te tuhituhi i runga i te ipurangi, ana, ko tenei taku blog. He mahi uaua ki te ako i te reo Ingarihi na te mea kare au e taea te korero ki taua reo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFj1Zy_3AIc

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Decisions, Good Choices

Julia Bloore: To Be Motivated

· Get out there and have fun.

· Be enthusiastic.

· To explore a new place.

· Be involved in a team.

Leadership Values

The word TRY means TRUTH, RESPECT and YOU.

Respect your friends.

I learnt that if you respect yourself first, then you know how to respect others. If you show respect to your friends

then hopefully they will show respect back to you.

Don’t put people down.

I learnt that if you put people down your not being a good leader and your not respecting the person right

Be kind to people.

I learnt that you always have to be kind to people and then they will respect you and be kind to you.

Pick the right Friends.

I learnt if you pick the right Friends that be kind to you that’s good but if you have the wrong friends that make you

want to steel that’s bad.

Be brave.

I learnt that you can be brave if you want to protect your friends.

Give it a go.

I learnt that you give stuff a go and don’t go back home just try it and you will feel great.

Make sure that people are OK.

I learnt that you make sure your friends are ok making sure they are not being bullied.

Cheek up on your friends.

Make sure you check up on your friends that they are doing the right stuff.

Making the right choices.

I learnt that make sure you and your friends are making the right choices.

Enjoy being a kid.

Have fun being a kid don’t let other kids control you just listen to yourself and what you have to do.

My Values

Being honest, Look after your friends, Be kind, Do the right choices.

Monday, May 16, 2011

National Young Leaders Day 2011

On Monday our school attended the National Young Leaders 2011 Conference in Rotorua. There were loads of kids from other schools from around the Bay of Plenty and Waikato who were there with us. These are some words of wisdom that speakers shared.

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Pat Buckley - a drug cousellor and St John's attendant. He and his wife started Amped4Life. His words of leadership wisdom were:

1. Enjoy life because when you grow up you stay as an adult

for the rest of your life

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help

3. Don't let your past shape your future - what you do now in your life could shape the way you live in the future4. You are influenced by the choices you make in life - make good decisions.

Nick Tuitasi is an ex-policeman. His leadership word was TRY.

- T is for truth - tell the truth all the time.

- R is for respect - you should be the one to respect others first.

- Y is for You - try something before anyone else does, step forward and give things a try.

Nick's message was to give anything a TRY, even if you think you're not going to be good at it.

Young Leaders Conferencing Together

Pat Buckley: Make Choices. Training For Life.

· Choices – make choices, these determine your future

· Decisions – make a decision that will make future a better one

· Don’t get involved with drugs as they lead you down the path of destruction

· Do the right thing – make the right choices

· Enjoy being a kid because you’ll be an adult for the rest of your life. Enjoy everything in life.

· Keep your humour – keep a smile on your dial.

· Help others when they’re down and out.

· Take care – look after one another.

Nick Tuitasi: Stick to your values. T-R-Y

· T-Tell the Truth, Leaders are always truthful

· R-Respect people first before judging, Pay respect

· Y-You always will be you, never change. Be yourself.

Dave Atkinson: Genes, Environment, Choices.

· Who are you? Whose genes do you have? Do you want to be like your friends, or your friends like you?

· Do you want to look like your friends? Exactly like them?

Andrea Deely: Keep safe online

· Don’t go on advertisements.

· Don’t go on inappropriate sites.

· Don’t give anyone you’re, Email-address, Number, House number or where you live, your name and other things that describe what you look like.

· Inspired by her son

Julia Bloore: Be Motivated

· Be green by walking as much as you can.

· Don’t sit around.

· Play sports

· Get out there. Be a outgoing person.

· Have Dreams.

· Be inspired.

· Save money by doing sewing classes.

· Main influences-Parents and Husband.

· Be enthusiastic.

· Have fun.

· Explore the world.

Be involved in sports team.