Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Rugby World Cup Dream's Coming True!

All Blacks taking out the RWC
Balls kicked high into the air
Countries from all around the world
Defensive tactics used
Events held all around NZ
Fullback Cory Jane racing up the side-line
Goal posts standing like the letter H
Haka - "Ka Mate" performed 
Injuries to mend
Jerseys of all colours are worn
Kicking tees for goal kicking
Loud music and fans shouting
Mascots running around the sidelines 'rarking' up the crowds
Numbers on the backs of jerseys
Opposition vs opposition
Penalty kicks for head highs
Quit - Never give up!
Rugby supporters by the thousands
Spectators dressed in their favourite team colours
Try scoring stars 
USA the team with the stars and stripes flag
Victory winning teams 
Whistles blowing
X-rays looking for broken bones
Yelling fans waving flags
Zig-zagging wingers scoring tries