Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Honda MotorBike

On Thursday Honda Motorbike came to our school.
Quinn and Richard were our instructors.
They brought 6 bikes,two 70's for the learners with no clutch,two 80's for the learners who want to step up to the challenge and two 100's for the experts like me.
Watching everyone putting their helmet on all hyped up, scared to ride, yelling and laughing. It was a big experience for a few people.Riding two different tracks on the field was fun because the first one was for bike safety  and the second one was for fun.
When the learners finished, well learning on the 70's they moved onto riding the 80's and 100's.

The big motorbike day was full of laughter and reving motorbikes.Excitement running through peoples veins.Watching two people fall of was funny and showful.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Star In THE Night Sky

It was a tepid and beautiful Sunday night so my dad decided that me Kohau , mum and George should go to Aunty Judys for dinner. When I arrived I could hear steake sizzling on the BBQ and eggs and potatoes frying in the pans. Next I helped set the table so we could have our yummy dinner. My billie was full so I undisputed to do some workouts by shooting some hoops . While  I was shooting hoops I sore the most stunning star up in the night sky.It was the most sensational star I have ever seen,so I told everybody to come outside to look at the star up in the night sky. We all watched the star for 2 minutes than we went to bed.

The Great Sunday Afternoon

It was a very hot Sunday afternoon When Madison and i.Decided that we would go outside and look at the garden. First me and Madison went to go outside and put on our shoes so we don't get clay mud feet.Then we walked around the house to the garden .After that Madison wanted to play in the water but mum said no baby might get sick. Next we ran back into the house just in time for mum to say lunch was ready we had meat with vegetables sandwiches .