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Tau ke!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Interview With Harold

Hemi held an interview with Nicky and the famous Harold the Giraffe from Waipa-King Country Life Education Trust. Harold told us lots of jokes, some of them Nicky said she wouldn't repeat on film. We know what you mean Nicky! Thanks for the awesome messages about Making Choices, and I Am Different. Head Hassler has been trying to take over today - but Mind Master has been around to help get him out of our heads. Thanks for the heads-up Nicky.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boss is My ?

It was very cold and Boss wanted to go outside. He likes to chase snow-balls down hills. I had to put on my jacket, my boots and my gloves. It was really snowing by now. We both laughed when he ran and jumped on a man. He bowled him over.

Massey, An Old Tractor

I am an old tractor named Massey Ferguson. I live in a run-down old shed. I love my old shed. It's old but it's cosy and warm. I work a lot on the farm but not all the time. I love working on the farm but when it rains I hate it. Today is a nice summery day and I can hear the birds singing. Farmer Brandon is a cool farmer. He rides me everywhere on the farm but not on rainy days. We ride up the hills, over bumps and sometimes I breakdown when the bump is too rough.

My Playhouse

My playhouse has a rope that you can use to help you climb the ramp and get inside. We play dress up. We play Kings and Queens. My favourite game is Tiggy. My friend is Kory. We like eating sushi. We can't use chopsticks though.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Opening Presents Is So Cool

Well what can I say? I love to open presents, don't you?
I love to open presents because you don't know what to expect, and you don't know if maybe, you're going to receive an Ipad or a laptop. These are the reasons I like to open presents. When people buy you awesome presents you definitely have to buy them a more glorious present than what they brought you because you'll feel guilty or feel weird if you don't. I know that's how I feel anyway.
I received a magnificent present from my dad for my birthday once. Guess what it was? A motorbike. Isn't that exciting? I screamed when I saw my motorbike. I pivoted around to my dad and jumped on him. I was so blown away I was thinking, "Oh man, what am I going to buy my dad for his birthday?"
So I ask him, and he says to me, "You don't have to buy me anything. All I want is your love and a lotto ticket". Presents are so cool, aye?

Jessica's Four Puppies.

Once there was a girl dog sitting in front of the fire. She was waiting to have her puppies. Her name was Jessica. Jessica was going to have 4 puppies. When she had them the owner named them Jack, Spike, Bony and Casey. Jessica had to look after them for days until they got bigger like their mother. When they did, Jack, Spike, Bony and Casey played outside. They had fun all day long. One day it was raining so hard they had to stay inside. But they couldn't have fun in the house because they would make a mess. So they sat in front of the fire and wait until the rain stopped.

My Aunty's A Great Cook

Once there was a famous cook. She cooked delicious meals. One had mussels in shells, prawns, beans and wine. It was very nice meal. It was like a magical recipe. The wine tasted very sweet, and everything else looked wonderful. The dressing on the food was lemon, salt, honey and pepper. The cook's name was Lilly Kawhena. I liked her name because it was like mine and my aunty's name.

The Magnificent Swimming Pool

There was a beautiful swimming pool that everyone wanted to swim in and dive in. This swimming pool is very deep,but at the other end it is shallow. One day someone was going for a swim and suddenly he slipped over. He was hurtful and he was crying his eyes out. This swimming pool was by a mansion in a huge city. One sunny hot day someone also slipped over, but she slipped on the diving board and did a back flip which was funny. This mansion is a a hotel where anyone can stay as long as they want. The swimming was very magnificent,fun, and awesome. I wish I can go there one day.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Cool School is 100 Years Old

This is our school, Te Kura o Tahaaroa. I love our school because this is my first school. I have been here since I turned 5years old. Our school is really important to us tamariki because we are all whanau, and we stick together through thick and thin.
If you look carefully there are kids on the field hopping around like rabbits. Don't ask me why! We're a bit strange like that!
As you can see this photo is taken from down on our school field, and looking up to our classes and staffroom. We've only got a little school, but we love it.
This Easter from the 23rd-24th of April, our school or the 'Old Girl' (the building on the far right) is going to celebrate being 100 years old.
We are organising a BIG Centennial celebration weekend. So if you were ever enrolled in our school, please come. Oh, and make sure you've registered before the weekend rolls around. It's going to be a GREAT weekend. See you there!

Technicraft Days Are Fun

During our Technicraft lesson on Wednesday we were kept very busy. Hemi and I made cord bags, while the other kids made beanies. I reckon making cord bags was pretty easy. Cord bags are used for putting your toiletries in. My last time at Technicraft I broke the needle on the sewing machine which I wasn't meant to do. I wonder if Mrs Melville ever found out! Shush! Don't tell... Sorry Mrs Melville...

Technicraft ! Its So Fun!

We arrived at Otorohanga South School at about 9:30am for Technicraft . We learnt in our lesson that you have to sew your seams together, and know how to use the sewing machine and over-locker correctly. If you aren't, your sewing will be uneven and crooked. Sometimes you can do a 'magic trick' when you are making a pencil case and make a mistake. For instance, you can make the zipper disappear by sewing right around the material edge, and then unpick it. In this lesson of fabric technology, we finished our beanies. This was the last time we go to Technicraft for this term. I like Technicraft because it teaches us about different crafts we can use at home or school.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Big Bed Book

In class I am reading a book called The Big Bed book. The story I am reading is Jenny Comes To School. I can read the whole story but I have to stop and ask what some of the words are.

Nelson, The Elephant

I am reading Nelson is Kidnapped. Nelson is an elephant and he is kidnapped. He goes back to his mum and dad. Nelson went for a walk and he got lost and he saw his mum and his dad but he was too slow. He finds a new family. They welcome him into the family but it's a trap.

Puppy Walking - A Journal Story

I am reading a cool school journal book. It is really long because it has many many pages, but it is very, very exciting too. The story I am reading at the moment is called Puppy Walking. It is about a boy and a girl. Their names are Tim and Whitney. They are training a puppy to become a guide dog for a person who is blind. It's a big responsibility. Tim and Whitney are two of the most experienced puppy walkers in New Zealand. Gretchen is their fourth puppy. They have collected photos of other puppies they have trained.

Ripper with Kurt

Kurt taught us some lessons about ripper rugby and games called Rats and Rabbits, and Hunters and Deers. Then we played Ripper Rush which was fun and cool. After all our playing we went home.

Nanny Bev and Aniwa Come to School

Aniwa and I both come to Tahaaroa School four days a week by car from Marokopa. It takes 45mins to get to school from where we live. The reason I go to school with Aniwa is because I am her Teacher Aid. We are in the Tuaakana class. Aniwa and I enjoy working with the tuaakana. We are learning about blogging. It is fun.

Rippa Rugby with Kurt

Who has played Rippa Rugby before? I have. In Rippa Rugby you have to rip the tags off other players. The tags stick to a belt and you have to clip the belt around your waist. You also have to run as fast as you can so the other team doesn't rip your tags off, and so you can reach the try line. I've scored 8 tries in Rippa. I like the game because it's fun to play.

Pearl and Bobby

Pearl is my blue Staffy dog and Bobby is Daddy's kitten. All day long Pearl and Bobby play together. They like fighting with each other around the house.

Rats, Rippa, and Rain

Kurt from KCRFU came to my kura in Tahaaroa to teach us some rugby skills. He made two teams of white tags and blue tags. The white team were the dears, and the blue team were the hunters. I was in the white team. To start, the blue team had to rip the white tags off the white team, and then it was the other teams turn to do that to my white team. Our next game was Rats and Rabbits, where we had to chase the team opposite us. It was raining while we were playing, but we weren't worried.

Coast the Most

Last Friday Kurt came to Tahaaroa School. Kurt taught us how to play rugby. We played Hunters and Deers, and Rats and Rabbits, and learnt new rugby skills. Then he laid some cones on the ground for us to run around. We had to go around the cones and pass the ball back.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kia ora... Learning Our Pepeha

Kia ora Koutou katoa
E ako ana maatou, ngaa tuaakana o Te Kura o Tahaaroa i too taatou pepehaa. Ako mai, ako atu. Teach me, teach you.

Ko Tainui toku waka
Ko Hoturoa toku tangata
Ko Kawhia toku moana
Ko Waikato toku awa
Ko Taupiri toku maunga
Ko Maketu toku marae
Ko Waikato toku iwi
Ko Ngati Mahuta toku hapu
Ko ....... toku ingoa
Ko ahau nei

Nga Tuaakana

Aroha Aroha Aroha

We are learning a waiata for our school centennial. Aunty Gina plays the guitar and we sing. We also have to learn to sing high and low notes to make the waiata sound better. Aunty Gina explained the meaning of this waiata. Aroha means love, so we are going to sing this waiata to everyone coming to the centennial so we can share the love too.

Hui-a-Kura Easter Eggs

This morning in Hui-a-Kura we were given Easter Eggs for rewards to swimming sports. Brandon, Finnlee, Hinekura and Tiegan got big Easter Eggs because they swam the whole length of the pool, they were positive, they didn't moan, and they had good swimming strokes. I had a little Easter egg. It was Yummy-as!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rippa Rugby Skills

Last Friday we learnt rugby skills with Kurt from KCRFU. We learnt how to catch and pass a rugby ball, and played rugby games. One game was Rats and Rabbits. Afterwards we ran around while throwing a rugby ball. It was very windy and wet that day and everyone was soaking wet by the time we finished. But it was fun playing in the rain. We all enjoyed the afternoon of rugby.

KCRFU - Kurt, The Skilled Young Man

Kurt came to our school last Friday. He's connected with the King Country Rugby Football Union. This skilled young man plays for the King Country Rams and Waitete. Kurt taught us some rugby skills like passing, stepping and holding the ball correctly with two hands . Our whole school played Rats and Rabbits, and when we played Kurt would call 'rats' and we would have to chase after the rabbits and rip their tags off them. Then it was Rabbits turn to do the same to us. Bull-rush was the next cool game to play but instead of tackling we just had to rip tags off. The rain stopped us playing any more games after this. SAD, 'cause we were just starting to get into it.

NZ Rugby Union Wants Me To Play for the ABs!

Last week on Friday our school had a visitor. We played Rugby. It was fun playing rugby. Kurt had a rugby ball and we played Ripper Rush. He said to jump into pairs and we played hunters and deers. We changed over when we played a game called rabbits and rats. Our last game was Ripper bullrush.

It Always Rains When We Want To Play Rugby!

Friday afternoon and Kurt from KCRFU strolls into our school to teach us rugby skills. We're ready to start and so does the rain. Putting the ripper rugby belts on was easy. Our first game was Hunters and Deers. Hunters have to try and rip tags off and Deers try to run away. The second game is Rats and Rabbits. Lining up in straight lines, Kurt calls either Rats or Rabbits. Lucky last game is Ripper Rush which is exciting and enjoyable. Ripper Rush is just like Bull-Rush. I thought the afternoon was awesome and I can't wait to learn more rugby skills next term.

Rugby in the Rain

"Hey bloggers it's me Te Kohau. I'm a new student at Te Kura o Tahaaroa."
Here's what we did last Friday afternoon. Our school had a visitor named Kurt from KCRFU come to teach us some excellent ripper rugby skills. As we were getting ready it began raining. Man, that wasn't good. But still out into the pouring rain and whipping wind we went. First Kurt told us what we were going to learn, before getting into two teams, the Blues and the Whites. I was in the White team. From there we played the game Hunters and Deers, which was our first game. Carrying on to other exciting games, Rats and Rabbits, and Rippa Rush, we were soon laughing heaps. Man, that was fun. Unfortunately the rain was getting harder by now, so we had to head back inside before we got totally soaked.

Farewell Tata George

Friday, and Tata George had his tangi at Te Koraha Marae here in Tahaaroa. It was very sad. The aunties in the whare-kai cooked nice kai for us and the manuwhiri to eat. All the tamariki played games outside. We all played bullrush, rugby, and then touch. Sometimes we climbed up into the tree-hut. Ngaremu just about fell out of the tree. Back in the whare-kai the kai was just about ready to eat. It looked nice and it tasted nice too.

Learning Cool Rugby Skills

Last Friday we learnt some new rugby skills from Kurt from KCRFU. First we played hunters and deers. The blue team were the hunters, the white team were the deers. We had to rip the tags off the other team. Later we played Rats and Rabbits. Sometimes you got confused when Kurt would call out 'rats' or 'rabbits' and you would end up running to the wrong side. The rats and the rabbits game was the last game that Kurt showed us before the rain came pouring down. A cool rugby afternoon.