Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Perfect Winter Storm

Water, rain, snow, hailstones, wind, grey clouds, lightning and thunder, all of these things working together to make the perfect winter storm.  Has anyone counted the number of lightning strikes or thunder claps that have belted out over the top of us?  Winter is definitely here, and we can't wait for the Perfect Summer Heat...  bbbrrrr...


  1. Roll on summer. We have had lots of thunder and lightning. I wonder how we would find out how many lightning strikes we have had?

  2. Hi Mrs Reid
    We're sick of the rain and wind. We can't go outside and play, and its cold all the time. We think there have been about 50 lightning strikes over Tahaaroa. Lucky none have struck our school or houses. Can't wait for the holidays when it will be sunny and we can get outside and play. Hope the sun is shining over you Mrs Reid.