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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, What up! I have been trying to get onto the big T surfers blog for awhile now.Tahaaroa is such a primo place for it's surfing fishing and hunting which I like because it can be 24/7.
Taharoa is the best place to be because there's lots of beach's and there name's are ,Te Maika Te Arohaki, Paparo, Waiohipa, Harihari, and Te ArawiRemove Formatting from selection, and ride horse's, motorbike's, and pig hunting


taharoa its the best cause theres lots of beachs and it beautyful place cause it"s good for
horse riding and motorbikes and swimming at te maika track te arohaki
Taharoa is the best place because we can all go for a ride on motor bikes and horses down to the beach and also you can go down to some tracks this is my best world. Taharoa is beautiful.
TAHAROA is da best place to be because its good for horse riding and and camping motorbikes and were cuzzies and auntys and uncles

The Big T Surfers

Tahaaroa is a beautiful place on the west coast of Aotearoa.Taharoa is cool because you can go motorbike riding, horse riding, pig hunting and we have lots of fun here and we can go to all the beaches around this area.


Taharoa is an amazing place somewhere near Kawhia harbour.
It is a school for kids from yr 1 - 8.
Next year will be the centenary celebrations. I think Taharoa should make a film about it.
The whole world now knows about Taharoa. Hooray!