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Monday, May 16, 2011

Young Leaders Conferencing Together

Pat Buckley: Make Choices. Training For Life.

· Choices – make choices, these determine your future

· Decisions – make a decision that will make future a better one

· Don’t get involved with drugs as they lead you down the path of destruction

· Do the right thing – make the right choices

· Enjoy being a kid because you’ll be an adult for the rest of your life. Enjoy everything in life.

· Keep your humour – keep a smile on your dial.

· Help others when they’re down and out.

· Take care – look after one another.

Nick Tuitasi: Stick to your values. T-R-Y

· T-Tell the Truth, Leaders are always truthful

· R-Respect people first before judging, Pay respect

· Y-You always will be you, never change. Be yourself.

Dave Atkinson: Genes, Environment, Choices.

· Who are you? Whose genes do you have? Do you want to be like your friends, or your friends like you?

· Do you want to look like your friends? Exactly like them?

Andrea Deely: Keep safe online

· Don’t go on advertisements.

· Don’t go on inappropriate sites.

· Don’t give anyone you’re, Email-address, Number, House number or where you live, your name and other things that describe what you look like.

· Inspired by her son

Julia Bloore: Be Motivated

· Be green by walking as much as you can.

· Don’t sit around.

· Play sports

· Get out there. Be a outgoing person.

· Have Dreams.

· Be inspired.

· Save money by doing sewing classes.

· Main influences-Parents and Husband.

· Be enthusiastic.

· Have fun.

· Explore the world.

Be involved in sports team.

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  1. Cool I might just use some of these things and when did yous do young leaders day?