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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turangi's The Place To Be I Reckon

Sunday afternoon my Mum and I travelled to Turangi with my Aunty, Uncle and little cousin Janie. We arrived at Turangi just before dark and my cousin Justice was waiting at the door. We unpacked our bags and headed inside. The next day we baked a chocolate cake . It was very delicious. On Tuesday we went to a trout place just out of Turangi. There were millions of trout. On Wednesday we played tennis at the tennis court which is by the park near Aunty's house. After arriving back from the trout place we played on the x-box, and that was fun. Thursday was an exciting day because we travelled to Taupo. In Taupo Justice and I went to the movies to see Fast And The Furious 5. It was awesome. I reckon Taupo is a cool place to be. Afterward we travelled to every Hokohoko shop in Taupo. I brought a pink shirt and jeans. In The Warehouse we brought one big bunny easter rabbit and a egg for Janie. On returning to Turangi we stopped at a shop to buy an ice cream. On Saturday we travelled by bus to Turangi Power Station. This station was the second power station to be built in New Zealand. Sunday night mum and I returned to Tahaaroa and spent the rest of the holiday here.

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