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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Cool School is 100 Years Old

This is our school, Te Kura o Tahaaroa. I love our school because this is my first school. I have been here since I turned 5years old. Our school is really important to us tamariki because we are all whanau, and we stick together through thick and thin.
If you look carefully there are kids on the field hopping around like rabbits. Don't ask me why! We're a bit strange like that!
As you can see this photo is taken from down on our school field, and looking up to our classes and staffroom. We've only got a little school, but we love it.
This Easter from the 23rd-24th of April, our school or the 'Old Girl' (the building on the far right) is going to celebrate being 100 years old.
We are organising a BIG Centennial celebration weekend. So if you were ever enrolled in our school, please come. Oh, and make sure you've registered before the weekend rolls around. It's going to be a GREAT weekend. See you there!

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