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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rugby in the Rain

"Hey bloggers it's me Te Kohau. I'm a new student at Te Kura o Tahaaroa."
Here's what we did last Friday afternoon. Our school had a visitor named Kurt from KCRFU come to teach us some excellent ripper rugby skills. As we were getting ready it began raining. Man, that wasn't good. But still out into the pouring rain and whipping wind we went. First Kurt told us what we were going to learn, before getting into two teams, the Blues and the Whites. I was in the White team. From there we played the game Hunters and Deers, which was our first game. Carrying on to other exciting games, Rats and Rabbits, and Rippa Rush, we were soon laughing heaps. Man, that was fun. Unfortunately the rain was getting harder by now, so we had to head back inside before we got totally soaked.

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  1. Kia ora Te Kohau,

    It sounds like you all had lots of fun with Kurt before it started to rain too hard. How do like being at Te Kura o Tahaaroa?