Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

TAHAROA is da best place to be because its good for horse riding and and camping motorbikes and were cuzzies and auntys and uncles


  1. Hi it jheaphy/bart from st andrews school Mr.Woody has told us and I really like the sound of your school and I would like to go there some day see ya later.

  2. Hi TAHAROA school my name is hannah Im one of the kids from the Digimax class which is in St Andrews middle school.Youre life in TAHAROA,in the weekends I go shopping,hang out with my peeps because I live in the city ,not in the country like you do! I like listening to the EDGE raideo station and Taylor Swift and other big music artists,so Im 2010 music obbession! Cheeck out my blog on blogger search Miss Swift13.Bye!!!!