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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big T Surfers

Tahaaroa is a beautiful place on the west coast of Aotearoa.Taharoa is cool because you can go motorbike riding, horse riding, pig hunting and we have lots of fun here and we can go to all the beaches around this area.


  1. hi im tinkerbell from st andrews middle school and mr woody just told us all about you and what you do it sounds awesome!!! your life style is so diffrent and way better than ours you guys get to do every thing!!! id love to come and visit you some time!!!
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    its an awesome blog just like yours!!!!!!!!

  2. Hooray! The kids in Room 3 at SAMS in Hamilton were so impressed with the different lifestyle kids can have in the country and on the coast at Tahaaroa.
    Remember to visit my blog and leave comments so we can stay in touch.
    If you leave comments with your own blogs rather than the schools one the kids from different schools in Hamilton can contact you individually. It would be like having pen pals. Maybe kids from around the wworld would contact you too...