Korero Maori e!

Tau ke!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, What up! I have been trying to get onto the big T surfers blog for awhile now.Tahaaroa is such a primo place for it's surfing fishing and hunting which I like because it can be 24/7.


  1. Hi there Tahaaroa! It was so cool to visit you peeps I can't wait to come out again to visit.
    I will post some pics of you guys on my blog. Let me know if I need to take them off... I did ask Principal/Auntie Nga and she said yes, so it should be okay, but ask your parents too.
    Aroha mai,

  2. Hi Mr Woody, great day had by all. Still trying to work out how a follower posts a blog onto some one else's blog

  3. Hi Big T! I have placed a cybersafety game site link on my Room5ians Rule blog for you to visit and learn from...
    I found the site through my Diigo social bookmarking set up. Your lovely Auntie Principal Nga has joined Diigo so she might be able to tell you all how to do it too. You use it to keep your bookmarks online so you can get them from any computer. It also allows you to share your online learning resources :-)

  4. Kia ora The Big T Surfers - hope everyone has been having an awesome holiday by the sea.