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Monday, March 26, 2012

Marvel - The Book Of Knowledge Comes to Our School

'Maria'  aged 7 years...hahaha

Rocky, Marvel, Duffy sailing across the Seven Seas.

Earlier this term our school was visited by the Duffy Theatre troupe, and they brought with them, Marvel the Book of Knowledge. Marvel is a clever book who taught us all about the world. The Duffy actors used Marvel as a way of hooking us into reading. That was very clever because you can get lost in so many adventures inside books. Books can take us to new places, and experience new things, and to have fun along the way. The Duffy show was awesome and made us laugh all the way through. The three Duffy actors who came to present the show enjoyed reading and this has made us want to read more too.  Reading is learning, and learning is cool.

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