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Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Ski Trip Done and Dusted!

Whakapapa - Ruapehu - Taupo - Turangi - what a trip! Snow, rain, sun, snow,and more rain... Rain definitely wasn't going to put us off having three days of fun in the snow. A day of fishing for shrimps in slight showers wasn't going to have us sitting in cars and vans whiling away our time... Cruising up the Mighty Waikato river, and powering up close to the surging Huka Falls whilst chanting a haka in cloudy weather, also wasn't going to dampen our spirits.... Splashing about in tepid thermal waters at the AC Thermal pools for the rest of the afternoon also wasn't going to send us packing... No, we were here for the duration - 3-days of fun, sun, and snow, skiing and snowboarding!
Each day rising early at Turangi Cabins, having a hearty hot breakfast, and waiting patiently for the ski reports had us tapping fingers and toes until almost 8.30am. Given the green light, we're climbing into cars and trekking towards Turoa ski-fields.
Hassles with ski gear and we're biting at the bit even more... Hold us back? No way! We're off... Happy Valley for a Discovery ski lesson (if you're a tamaiti nohinohi), or up to Rock Gardens and beyond (if your matatau). Rain, snow, sleat, more snow, more rain - who cares now? A bite to eat and water to replenish thirst is all that's needed to see us through the day. Chair lifts constantly going up and down - all worthwhile waiting in the long queue if it means days in the snow...
Sadly Friday's arrived and it's nearing ski-field closing time.... the dreaded first aid stretcher is coming up the hill with an unlucky casualty. Sadly it's one of our littles. He's going home with war wounds after three great days of .... yes, you've got it.... fun, skiing, snowboarding and did I forget to mention, fun...
Look out for us next year Turoa ski staff - we're coming back for more of the same!
Na Nga Tamariki Kaumaatua - Seniors

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