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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Learning to Play Volleyball

Volleyball is fun to play, but not that simple to learn because you have to hit the ball over the net using only your fingertips and part of your palm. We've been learning to play for the past 5 weeks. 
First, you put your hand over the other hand  and close over your two thumbs. You use this hand grip when you are wanting to dig at the ball or its a high lob.  You're not allowed to carry the ball too.  When you've learnt how to hit the ball with your hands you need to have someone to hit the ball to over the net. You need to practice this for a while so you can get better. After you practiced this you can try another volleyball hit. Simply all you do is make a diamond shape with your two hands, and when the ball is volleyed to you, you push the ball up with your fingertips.
When you've learnt these moves you can start playing the game. 
To start, serve the ball from the back court on the right hand side.  Each time you win a point you serve.  If you lose a point, and then win one afterwards you serve again but this time your team rotates clockwise so everyone gets a turn and serving and subbing off.   There are six players on each side of the net.
Spiking: when you spike the ball over the net, you jump as high as you can, and hit the ball down really hard, so the opposition can't hit the ball back. 

Some interesting facts about volleyball I've learnt are: the original name for volleyball was mintonette. Volleyball was first played in 1894.

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