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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing For Coast's Rugby Team

On Saturday me and Liam played for the little coast rugby team. We only played for them because our Pirongia team had a bye. We had to be at Te Kuiti rugby fields before 10.30 am. We kicked off at 10.30 am. It was on. The little Coasties were playing. Taina had got tied so I had jumped on for him. I played the whole game without coming off but in the last 5 minutes I got sent off for a high tackle. But it was not my fault because the boy that I had tackled had got scared and fell and I cleaned him up. The referee was also on the other teams side and he started picking on me and Liam because he had noticed that we were a step higher than the other boys. But we still lost. NO GOOD.

Na: Te Aoturoa

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