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Monday, November 21, 2011

Honda MotorBike

On Thursday Honda Motorbike came to our school.
Quinn and Richard were our instructors.
They brought 6 bikes,two 70's for the learners with no clutch,two 80's for the learners who want to step up to the challenge and two 100's for the experts like me.
Watching everyone putting their helmet on all hyped up, scared to ride, yelling and laughing. It was a big experience for a few people.Riding two different tracks on the field was fun because the first one was for bike safety  and the second one was for fun.
When the learners finished, well learning on the 70's they moved onto riding the 80's and 100's.

The big motorbike day was full of laughter and reving motorbikes.Excitement running through peoples veins.Watching two people fall of was funny and showful.


  1. wow! that must have been cool. what a great school you guys have.
    hope its all going well out there. enjoy the rest of your year. while you're at school i am getting ready for my first baby with my fantastic wife. very exciting!

  2. Wow that really sounds exciting. I am a teacher from Maraetai Beach School and would love to do that with the children in my class. I personally have owned a 250cc Suzuki Volty, I really enjoyed riding it but needed to sell it. I am looking at getting a new bike later this year. All the best for any future motor cycle endeavors you may encounter.