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Tau ke!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Huhu Grub In My Kitchen

Once upon a time there was a huhu grub who could fly. He was flying around outside my house. He then went through the kitchen window and into the cupboard. He saw some chippies. "Yummy." he said. The huhu grub ate five chippies. He flew around the house again to try and find a new home. There was a small hole by the door. He flew through it and escaped outside.


  1. Wow Brandon. What a wonderful story you've written here. A flying huhu grub - that was good character thinking! Good one Brandon.

  2. gezz brandon, lucky he didn't get to the beer, might crash and have to go to hospital.

    by James

  3. sup chaka a flying beetle eh lucky he didint steal some beer or it will be a drunk flying beetle. from caleb